(Not-For-Profit & Non-Govt. Registered Association of Citizens)

(Centre for Learning, Research & Holistic Development of Children, Women & Child-Families)


image The ‘Naihati New Life Society’- (NNLS) is a Not-For-Profit, Association of Citizens, led by a group of Women and Youth of Repute with a Mission to ensure Social Justice for the most deprived Children without Parents, Physically Challenged and rescued from trafficking and exploitations, and Adolescent Girls, Housewives – victims of early marriage, family violence, human trafficking and particularly ‘Widows – the victims of ‘Human-Animal Conflits’ belonging to fishing, farming, Indigenous and Tribal Communities in some of the most difficult to reach islands of Sundarbans, in South West Bengal, India.

The ‘Naihati New Life Society’ is on the special mission called ‘Save Sundarbans’, for it’s Ecological and Geographical importance in whole of South Asia and the gravity of acute challenges faced by the Indigenous and Forest Dependant inhabitants known as ‘Saviours of Sundarbans’.

The ‘Naihati New Life Society’ is founded on Two Premises: the ‘Development Starts’ only when the Humanity is united, educated and liberated from the religio-cultural norms and institutions that govern the communities causing exclusion, gender gap and deterrence for girls and women in particular from education, nutrition and health essential for flourishing and wellbeing of their families, and therefore, it’s essential to ‘Mitigate these Factors’; and Secondly; the ‘Development Sustains’ only when the Decision-making power remains in the hands of ordinary citizens’ such as youth and women with a scope of equal representation.

Towards realizing these Premises, the ‘NNLS’ has adopted villages in Five islands of Sundarbans, and in the process of collectivizing and educating particularly those who never had any scope of formal learning, with a clear vision to enable them with the tools and skills they lack so far, to resolve many of their challenges locally by themselves.

To empower and ensure social justice, the NNLS strives to bring together the Leaders of Community-based Institutes, Judiciaries, Law Enforcement and Development Agencies along with the members of the Local Communities so as to resolve many of the perennial challenges that hold-back the development such as illiteracy among girls causing exclusion, gender gaps, family violence, early marriage, reproductive health and human trafficking, and find ways to rehabilitate Indigenous and Tribal Communities with alternative livelihood in order to end unsustainable exploitation of local resources especially Mangroves essential to ecology and bio-diversity and avert natural disasters… are some of the strategic steps.

Our program includes ‘Early Childhood Development’ – (ECDI); ‘Education Without Boundary’ – (EWB); ‘Rehabilitation of Widows and Orphans of the Wild Animal affected Families’ – (WAAF) and rescued victims of human trafficking; The ‘Community Health Management’ – (CHM); ‘Local Economic Development & Food Security’ – (LED-SEDP); ‘Restoration of Coastal Ecology and Disaster Risk Reduction’ – (DRR); and ‘Ensuring Rights of Indigenous People & Culture’ …to name a few (details are in the Program Section).