Message from the Founder – Dr. S. Sarkar

Pressing on to the Goals of Educating, Enlightening, Empowering and Emancipating for those who can’t achieve by themselves…

logo As a teacher and an educationist I am entrusted with the responsibility of ‘educating, enlightening, empowering and emancipating’- (4-Es) thousands of young children and their extended families, and I continue to pressing on to achieve these goals as long as I have the breath in me…!

Towards pursuing these ‘4-Es’, I’ve firmly realized that there exists huge gaps in what a child is taught and what the child actually needs to be successful in life, and larger the gaps remain unresolved, the greater the discontentment follows in aftermath in life, and that’s why there’re so many youth in the society remain idle without purpose in life! The Naihati New Life Society is founded on the premise to fill these gaps, instilling a new life of hope and purpose in the hopeless persons, beginning with the children, youth and women…

I warmly extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to all my co-travelers, staff, friends and well-wishers for all your valued contributions in many forms and facets in pursuit of these ‘4-Es’ and with your active co-operations, we’re sure we will press on with greater valor and prudence, enabling as many young persons as we can in our lifetimes, to discover their strength and purpose in life in order for bringing the best out of them, till we reach the goal.

With these prudence and assurance, we’re now on a special “Mission – Save Sundarbans”. Sundarbans – the world heritage, boasts of her largest bio-diversity with her rich cultural heritage… yet, bears the scourge of massive destructions and exploitations of the people and natural resources that form the biosphere and the nerve centre in entire South-Asia. The exploited people of Sundarbans who strive to preserve the coastal ecology with Mangrove Forests – prime sources of carbon sequestration, need urgent intervention with a comprehensive program encompassing ‘4-Es’.

Friends, would you join us in this novel venture of educating and emancipating millions of powerless people of Sundarbans victims of multiple injustices and exploitations…? For indeed I have seen the miseries of thousands of children, adolescents, young housewives being trafficked for economic and sexual gratification, and widows remain vulnerable without shelters and food with their kids! Therefore, may I hope to see you friends as co-travelers with us, pressing on till we achieve justice long due to them?

– Yours truly: Dr. Subrata Sarkar