The ‘NNLS’ has ten major Objectives in order to fulfill the above-said Vision and Missions, and always strives to…

Actively promote ‘Education Without Boundary’-(EWB) in multiple centers in unique ways… The curriculum is developed specially to cater to the needs of all aged citizens, particularly those who did not or can no longer attain any formal schooling due to several factors but need to improve their skills and knowledge to progress in life;

Impart ‘Parental Education and Advance Teachers Training’ aimed at better learning and teaching capacities through parents-teachers collaborative efforts to child’s brain development with multiple learning abilities (MI). The curriculum also includes therapeutic measures such as peer to peer teaching-learning, and before and after-school remedial classes supported by ICT-based audio-visual sessions etc.

Promote ‘Motivational Objective Elementary and Primary Education’ – (MOEE & PE): through a creative play method enabling kids to emulate personalities of role-model and see for themselves how they too can emerge as change-makers. This unique engagement process substantially reduces learning strains, school drop-outs, juvenile crimes, substance abuse…to name a few;

Ensure Compulsory Health Screening of Children and Families as part of ‘Community Health Management – (CHM) in the target regions to tackle many critical issues around health, brain development and learning deficiency through early diagnosis of chronic issues like anemia, thalassemia, pediatric tuberculosis, HIV, apart from measures against out-break of malaria, dengue, cholera, typhoid etc that ravage the communities especially in Sundarbans every year. Health screening is also extended to reproductive health-care needs of adolescent girls and women etc;

Improve Children’s Emotional and Social Learning Skills (ESL) by developing healthy environment through parental and community mass education essential for holistic development of children that further improves their productivities aftermath in life;

Raise ‘Ambassadors of Holistic Health Management’ – (AHHM) who’d ensure HHM is being practiced in every house by actions through ‘save water, energy, preserve natural and social forestry, waste management, practices of the kitchen–nutrition gardening and organic food productions without using toxic substances;

Form ‘Citizens’ Parliaments’ in every school and target villages among children, youth including housewives and farmers (CPAN/WPAN/YPAN) to collectivize citizens to curb several injustices like early marriage, domestic and gender-based violence, illegal trafficking of women and children for exploitations, school drop-outs, discrimination and social stigma in many forms;

Improve ‘Children’s Living Environment’ – both emotional and natural environment in which children grow and the environment they’d develop as a result of their living through engaging children, parents and local youth in the community to ensure a violence-free, clean, green and safe environment which would boost children’s social and emotional learning abilities…to emerge as ‘Agents of Change’;

Promote ‘Entrepreneurship and Skill Development’ with a special focus on women, leading to income generation and employment opportunities using local resources, thereby ending unsafe economic migration that often ends up in human trafficking in person etc; and

Train the local youth, farmers, SHGs including housewives on ‘Sustainable Agri-practices and Local Economic Development – (LED) as part of poverty alleviation and ensure economic peace in their local context in areas like food production, water and soil health management, drought and salt tolerant crops and livestock…;