Data driven evidence based approach helps us to deepen our understanding about the complex and interconnected social, economic and physical environments into which we plan to bring about a positive change, and shapes our ‘strategic planning with a framework’ to create an enduring impact;

Secondly; we explore the factors and forces develop the pattern and set the paradigm on which the challenges manifest in different forms and facets, instead of going by the cause and effect relationship. We try to gain clarity as much as we can about the challenges we intend to intervene as it helps us to prepare an intervention framework;

Thirdly; involving all the stakeholders is a crucial leverage point, assuring them to retain the ownership of the solutions, and above all an opportunity to share the collective wisdom in multiplying the impacts which can be replicated as model in other locations facing similar challenges;

Fourthly; we take full advantage of the lessons we learn and remain open to alternative better avenues that increase our ability to foster development with enduring social changes.


We believe that all Citizens including children, youth and even housewives have the equal right to live a healthy life, learn and grow in peaceful communities and be part of the wellbeing of their families & communities;

We believe in a society where all citizens inclusive of youngers and seniors are free to participate fully in civic, education, economic, and cultural life that shape their lives irrespective of their religion, creed and ethnicity;

We believe in intrinsic and fundamental human rights, dignity and equality before law for all citizens including children as per UN’s CRC;

We believe in addressing inequalities that cut across multiple lines, including race, class, gender, sexual orientation and citizenship;

We value the stewardship of Planet’s environment by all citizens, pledging to accountably and efficiently preserve and manage its resources;

We believe in human’s natural urge and ability to thrive and not just exist and instinct to co-operate with others including children to ensuring peace & justice.